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We only import and develop quality brand products from all over the world.
Brands that we have had a real crush on and with whom we share the same values.
We select their products for what they actually are and not what they bring back in return.
We dedicate ourselves to think outside of the box and look into the future.
To grant you different binding products.
Goods of both quality and design.

he reference site of Male fashion, created in 2004. Always sharp selections, modern and stylish looks. And to top it all, a super friendly team. Sure, it is the obligatory passage on the net for what to wear before leaving home . We are delighted to appear there in the favorite section of the site.

Il Etait Une Pub 
The media specialized in advertising news and creativity for students and young professionals since 2012. Because at BeeandSee, we try to highlight the quality of our products selection, the association with Il Etait Une Pub was obvious. Indeed, we share common values ​​and the possibility of working with a medium that contains the active youth we liked. At BeeandSee we work with partners without taking example of what already exists and the difference that we wanted to highlight with a media that promotes creativity and originality.
If it were necessary to retain only one site for the Star Wars community as a whole it would definitely be Planete Star Wars.
News, Contests, Events, Fan Clubs, Forums, Games. Everything is there.
A real passion for the saga, which is felt very strongly on the site.
And at Bee and See, we are quite fans of enthusiasts.
Star Wax mag
StarWag mag
StarWag mag, is No. 1 in France in specialized media and vinyl DJ culture. What we like with Star Wax is the diversity of the cultures they touch through their magazine and their events. This plurality is that we also grow on Bee and See with a wide and varied selection but still leads one idea : Quality. Always wanted to get a rare piece , an artist interview or an event not to miss . It also recognizes their expertise in their field without ever wanting to go to give lessons . Star Wax, we are fans!

Brain de Geek, 

this is an essential site to be aware of Geek news of all kinds. The news , testing, contests. Time to make the rounds of all the news site and social networks , you will inevitably other new to discover! It is a must for us, BeeandSee !


We apply exactly what is said in the logo. Each coffee break , let's go to Cafe du Geek see what's new And we are never disappointed. Always good news, contests, tests . We keep the site prominently in our favorite bar !

Quand l'actualité Hightech et Lifestyle est condensé sur un blog, on aime. Quand c'est en plus de qualité, on valide encore plus. C'est le cas de MagazineGK qui alterne les tests, les news, les tops et les concours sur un univers qui nous correspond. Encore un site à mettre dans notre routine matinale du web.

When Hightech and lifestyle is posted on a blog, we love. When this is quality, it's validated. This is the case of MagazineGK alternating tests, news, tops and contests in the universe that we like. Once again, a website to add to our web morning review.

What a true Geek. Video games addicted since childhood, she has made this passion, a blog, sharing with us her findings,tests, unboxing and moods. The Fashion Geek does not forget either to tell us about the cinema.

When you read the title of this website we said to ourselves that we will have the right to another geek website with the same references found elsewhere. But we understand very quickly that is much more than that with a wide range of subjects without the fear to say that when they do not like something .

You must have seen our 360 ° animations on the site. Made with ScanCube, a powerful tool when it comes to capture with a quality product from all angles.

Based in Singapore, XXRAY builds on your imagination and shows you what your favourite character looks like on the inside. Balancing good design and unique licenses, it is our promise to produce outstanding quality collectibles.. The XXRAY team is spearheaded by popular artist Jason Freeny (well known for his dissection style) and the Mighty Jaxx team. 
And Bee&See is the distributor for France
Be prepared !

Sure, we like the name . But it's not just a name.
It is a website to check regularly to not miss the digital, marketing and creative news.
A great source of inspiration.

The gallery Sakura, which you are talking about in this article, is certainly our favorite gallery in Paris. Obviously for his exhibitions always dealing with near or far to Pop Culture with an original point of view. Go for a walk, you will understand very quickly why we are fans.

Les Hommes Modernes have the right idea to locate for us the trends, modes and indispensable to possess for To flourish completely in our modern society.

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