To bring a unique touch to your interior.

  • Candles

    Scented candles, colorful candles, stylish candles, find your happiness to make your space the realm of scents.

  • Wall Decor
    Wall Decor

    A must for an interior that stands out from all the others, the wall decor. Mirrors, lights, design accessories, everyone will be jealous of your design at home

  • Fun objects
    Fun objects

    Quality and originality do not always mean seriousness. It is necessary to put a dose of fun in its decoration, its style or its daily life. At Bee & See, fun we choose with extra style!

  • Mugs


    The best drinks deserve the best mugs. Based on this observation we have prepared a selection to keep warm.

  • Doormats

    Always start with a good impression. A doormat that makes the difference at the entrance is the certainty of making a difference.

  • Vegetal

    A green touch at home.

  • Lights

    Light up your interior with an original choice of lights.

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  • 12,90 € In stock

    A mug of Super Woman is necessarily on Bee and See.A 340ml isothermal travel mug with the likeness of the most "Wonder" woman in the universe. On your desk or at home, it will make the difference.

  • 37,50 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Novelty Cyclop wall glass mirror with a black-finished metal design. Glass Mirror, SteelSize : 43x28x3,5cm

  • 16,95 € In stock

    How does a Rainbow smell like? This scented candle will unveal that secret. (100% natural wax)Palm WaxSize : 8x8,5x8,5

  • 32,90 € In stock

    This little panda isn't the cutest thing that is? Well, if you take care of it, it will give you the opportunity to taste some delicious basil leaves. It is enough for him to bring him some water, sun and especially a lot of love!

  • 21,90 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Groot gives you a sweet welcome. The Groot doormat of the Guardians of the GalaxySize: 40X60cm

  • 14,90 € In stock

    Dc Comics Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon & Groot Mixed 2D String Lights LRocket Raccoon & Groot  100% officially licensed merchandise

  • 21,90 € In stock

    The guardians of the galaxy come back to be the guardians of your front door. Nobody will return without wiping his feet, promise of guardian! Size: 40X60cm

  • 149,00 € In stock

    Wall LED light shaped as an eye with golden stainless steel accessories and an acrylic frame. MetalSize : 60x40cm

  • 16,95 € In stock

    How do Holidays smell like? This scented candle will unveal that secret. (100% natural wax)Palm WaxSize : 8x8,5x8,5

  • 1 Review
    59,95 € In stock

    Porcelain storage box inspired in the mythical phrenology head coming form the 19th century. It is both a useful object to hide your belongings and a decorative piece for your home.PorcelainSize : 15x15,5x28 cm

  • 13,90 € In stock

    These beautiful blue and white pots contain growing kits with delicious “Yakumi” or Japanese seasonings. Each features a distinctive traditional pattern, comes with one of three plants and everything needed to grow, even a plastic inner pot that makes watering and transplanting simple. Once harvested, all of the plants can be used to enliven all types of...

  • 10,00 € In stock

    Marvel Avengers Mixed 2D String lights Lighting Thor, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 100% officially licensed merchandise

  • 12,90 € In stock

    An isotermal Captain America travel mug to bring your hot drink everywhere with you ! Very useful, especially when you didn't hear your alarm in the morning and you need to hurry : prepare your coffee, wash your teeth, dress up, pour hot coffee in the mug and you go! Your best friend to catch up your delay ! Awesome no ? This mug can save your day......

  • 1 Review
    19,90 € In stock

    Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Star Wars 3D String Lights 

  • 21,90 € In stock

    You can now be the one who knocks. Size: 40X60cm

  • 29,95 € In stock

    Whether you are a gastronome, a foodie, or simply if you have a special interest in trying all kinds of food, there are certain dishes that you must try in your lifetime. They are legendary, original, daring recipes that will have you travelling all over the world through their flavors. Paper English VersionSize : 98 x 55 cmFrench version :

  • 16,95 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    How does a unicorn smell like? This scented candle will unveal that secret. (100% natural wax) Palm WaxSize : 8x8,5x8,5

  • 29,95 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Hermetic lunch box with two compartments inspired in the Nigiri shape.Fabric, Plastic, SiliconeSize : 16x9.5x7.5 cm 

  • 12,90 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    A mug of Deadpool is necessarily on Bee and See.A 340ml isothermal travel mug to bring your favorite drink anywhere. On your desk or at home, it will make the difference. 

  • 7,50 € In stock

    Inisde these cute bay unicorns are magical possibilities in the form of a fortune that blooms. Simply pull the string on unicorn's underside to release the fortune. The fortune's paper is embedded with flower seeds. After reading the fortune, sow it and watch magic bloom!Flowering Fortune Unicorns contain sweet alyssum seed.Origin: Japan  Dimensions : 5 x...

  • 22,90 € In stock

    LED Darth Vader 16cm lamp. Darth Vader helmet's eyes and mouth light up and recreate the mood of the famous saga. Works with 3 AAA batteries (not included). 14.5x16x17cm

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