The Bee & See adventure started in 2014.

At Bee & See, we have always been very passionate about the worlds of Pop Culture, Geek and Lifestyle , and looking for unique, creative and qualitative products ! Meanwhile, we noticed that, nowadays, the product offer and the customer service are getting poorer although there are many interesting brands, but not famous, around the world which offer unique and qualitative products. That's why we have decided to open our own e-commerce to offer very unique and different products, from what you can find on usual e-commerces !

Our team is made up of 5 people. We have been working before in retail, department stores and digital marketing. For us, it's really important to satisfy our clients and community. 

We select our products according to their design, quality and features. Also, our products are selected by us in order to satisfy our customers ! We keep thinking outside the box and looking for very unique and surprising items to satisfy our customers !

Our core values are : the client's satisfaction, our products' uniqueness and quality and the customer proximity.

Our motto: Bee smart, See differently !

Our team :



  Corinne :
CEO and in charge of customer service



   Louis :
Purchasing and logistics manager.



   Charmaine : Art direction, design and digital marketing manager



   Blandine :Communication and digital marketing manager.



    Hashes :Skateboard tester

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